How retailers maximise their profits

A winning digital marketing strategy is vital for growth in today’s fiercely competitive market. How do you ensure a positive return on every single ad, while not missing out on any opportunities for additional profit at the same time?

Maximising profit

Our cloud app provides actionable insights into the ROI of every single ad across all your marketing channels. It also provides you the power tools you need to maximise the return on your marketing spend.



An order is the result of a customer journey of at least 5 touch points, each having a different contribution. Insight in the contribution of each ad provides a total different view on the performance of your ad channels.


Continuous improvement with our power tools

Data feed Optimiser
Increase your ROI
by 50%
Tag Manager
A faster and safer webshop
Decision Support
Predict the results of your marketing decisions
Affiliate Management
Reward your affiliates based on contribution
Web Analytics
Cross-device tracking measures 30% more assists
The only contribution based bidding engine


Over 300 web stores in over 24 countries use Shop2market daily to manage and optimise their online campaigns.

  • "We are working with Shop2market to optimise our marketing investment. The added value has been quite immediate for us because it was a quick and easy way to evaluate the gap between 'last click tracking' and the real contribution of each investment. I think it's worth a meeting to dig into detail."

    Oliver Mathiot
    Co-founder and CMO PriceMinister (Rakuten Group)
  • "Shop2market's advice for optimising our marketing efforts was very useful. We even added new marketing channels."

    Maurits van Gemeren
    Online Marketing Omoda
  • "Google Analytics is useful for detecting trends, Shop2market gives you insights to your actual sales numbers."

    Remy Da Thesta
    Manager M&C Digital
  • "Using Shop2market helped us understand the different results of a number of analytics systems. Based on these insights, we started using conversion attribution. Now we reward affiliateas based on their contribution to the sale."

    Rogier Verkoren
    Manager Online Sales KPN

Our Approach

We believe in a positive business case: that using Shop2market makes more money than it costs.



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About us

We believe that data-driven marketing gives a competitive advantage. Based on scientific research, we continuously develop technologies and software solutions that optimise campaigns and maximise our clients' profit.



Our team has the desire to discover unpaved roads. We are knowledgeable online analysts seeking for the truth: “What are the real value drivers of online sales?"


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